Not such a simple fever…

A few hours after her dose of medicine, Olive’s fever was only down to 101.9 degrees.  At 11:15pm, when she re-awoke, the thermometer didn’t even hesitate to push all the way to 103.3 – the numbers just flew by.  We gave her a bit more ibuprofen to bring the fever back under control and we went through the normal routine to put her back to bed.

Except she wasn’t having it.

She slept next to us, on us, with us for the rest of the night.  Susan pulled the first shift with the little heater lying on her chest.  When Olivia woke, I took over, feeding her a bottle to settle her down.  After another two hours, Susan took back over, feeding her yet another bottle.  I figure the fever was literally burning the calories…

She woke up for good around 6:30am.  At some point, Susan had returned to the bed with the little girl, so she was lying between us in the bed.  Luckily her Mimi heard the cries and came to retreive Miss Olivia.  When I finally left for work around 8:15, Olivia’s temperature was 101.3, so they’ll be visiting the doctor this morning to cover all the bases.

We’ll post as we have more…


One response to “Not such a simple fever…

  • aliasmother

    Poor Olivia. When the Buddha had her first fever, she refused to eat and just got weaker and weaker as the day went on until she turned into a little rag doll. It was awful. We got a syringe at the doctor’s and had to shoot water down her throat to avoid an IV. But there wasn’t anything to do but keep her hydrated and wait.

    Get better, little Olivia!

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