First fever (of note)

When I got home this evening, I found Olivia was crankier than normal.  She was just finishing up a bottle her Mimi was feeding her (Mimi and Pawpaw are up for a couple of days), and she nearly refused to walk over to see me.  She was frozen, in a standing / leaning position, in a whine / cry loop.  Eventually she mustered up the energy to walk over.

Immediately, having not seen her or touched her all day, I realized she was considerably warmer than normal.  Realize – this is my wife’s child – she’s a human heater like her mother, so her being warm isn’t always a shocker.  However, this time was different so we carried her up for a temperature check – 103 degrees, rectal.

We gave her a dose of children’s ibuprofen and then I laid her on my chest for her to nap.  After a slightly fitful, and sweaty, nap, she woke up feeling much better.  I sat her on the floor and she crawled straight out the nursery door into the master bedroom, indicating to me that she was ready to move on.  Since then she’s been quite reasonable, with her temperature much cooler to the touch.

Susan spoke to the on-call pedeiatrician during Olivia’s nap and there wasn’t much for us to learn – monitor the temperature, her output and her personality.  If anything go south, head to the hosptial or call them back for further evalutation.

Oh – which reminds me: yesterday evening, she and Susan were playing in the living room when Susan realized Olivia was bleeding!  After a little cleanup, it was obviously coming from one of those four teeth.  Our p

oor little girl, these teeth are tearing her up. 😦


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