Feet and Teeth

Feet.  Olivia walks.  Not a lot, but it’s no longer a coincidence.  She has taken 4 – 5 steps in sequence.  However, when I discussed “walking” with my buddy Randy earlier this week, we kind of decided the video time is when it’s something around 10 steps.  It isn’t quite her preferred method of motion, but it’s improving quickly.

Feet.  Susan’s knees hurt tremendously when she runs, but not if she speed walks.  Seems her 5K run will become a 5K speed walk.  Despite the set back, it’s still a great motivator and she seems to be pleased with any exercise driver at this point.  I wish we had the room in the budget to go a running shop to get her custom fitted into running shoes, as I’m fairly convinced this would reduce the pain.

Teeth.  Olivia must be getting some.  That or she just felt like torturing her mother in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.  It was probably the worst night we’ve experienced since she was a newborn with GERD and some sort of intolerance to her only food source.  She feel asleep mid-scream, even.  And Thursday when I got home, her eyes were already circled in pink, indicating she was ready to pass out.

Teeth.  A month or so back, I went to the dentist for the first time in around 8 years.  Just thought I’d pass that along.  They said it wasn’t as bad as they would have expected, and I guess it wasn’t quite as painful as I thought it would be…


One response to “Feet and Teeth

  • Shannon Dawson

    Chris said that it sounded like Susan might have what is called “patella chondromalacia” which is also known as “runner’s knee”. It’s basically inflamation behind the kneecap (the cartilage). Custom shoes won’t really help. Chris had it before and the doc said to rest the knees and take an anti-inflammatory. Swimming is the only thing that won’t strain it.

    FYI – if you would like to build up Olivia’s book library for free, there is a program run by Dolly Parton to increase the love of books in the state of Tennessee called “Imagination Library”. Just go to imaginationlibrary.com and register Olivia. You get a free book every month until she turns five. Jonny is supposed to get his 1st book in a few weeks.

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