Amusing statistics

(This is a bit of a cop-out post.  We’ll give you a real one… tomorrow?)

I was doing a bit of organizing of the photos and came to realize that last month we were pitiful on the picture taking and this month we aren’t on course to set any records.

First month: 116
Second month: 308
Third month: 281
Fourth month: 87
Fifth month: 100
Sixth month: 297
Seventh month: 141
Eighth month: 23
Ninth month: 34 (currently)

We do have a bit of video that falls into the 8th / 9th realm that hasn’t been uploaded.  That must count for… what… 50 photos?  Each?  🙂


2 responses to “Amusing statistics

  • sheila craigge

    Not that I wasn’t counting, but pitiful indeed!!! Love Mimi

  • Craigge

    The number of pictures you take is inversely proportionally to how busy you are. Also, the older a child gets the fewer pictures you take because, although they’re still growing and changing at a pretty good clip, its not nearly as fast as during the 6 months or so. It isn’t that big a deal and you shouldn’t worry about it. Ed

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