Oh gosh golly!

She’s walking. Ok, not like full on, I-can-do-circles-around-mommy walking, but she took her first steps tonight. She held onto the ottoman and then stepped away toward me. It was amazing. Want to know what’s even more amazing? Ian had the camcorder ready and caught it. We should have the video up soon (read as within a few days, not a few hours… no one needs to wait with baited breath over the next few hours for that footage to show up here).

I’m super excited right now, but a tiny part of my soul is shrieking, “Nonononono” at high decibels. I’m smart enough to realize I’m going to look fondly back on these days of relatively easy seclusion. It’s a good thing I’ve started running again. Olive may be joining me shortly.


5 responses to “Oh gosh golly!

  • Craigge

    I can’t believe my baby is walking!!! I just missed it!!! Hope she doesn’t run into too many walls. Can hardly wait to see you. I love you all. What an exciting ride. Love Mimi

  • aliasmother

    She is such a show-off! An adorable, talented show-off, but a show-off nonetheless.

  • Craigge

    Actually, she could be running by Christmas. You can’t run really fast with legs as short as her’s are right now because you have to churn them really, really fast, but you can run. 🙂 Dad

  • Richell

    Awe, my boogie, I can’t wait to see her walk! I love you Livia! I think I am going to cry! I am getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

  • Tiffany

    YAY! How exciting! 🙂

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