My little girl…

So Miss Olivia wasn’t exactly being a model of cuteness today when she pooped so much it came out of her onesie leg and onto the car seat. We changed her on the trunk lid of Susan’s car, expending all of our wipes and making her ride home in only a diaper.

She also didn’t win too many pageant points when, during nighttime prep, she puked on her shoulder, having it run down her back and up into her hair, forcing us to give her a second bath for the day. Of course since she was exhausted and in the midst of her bedtime routine, this bath wasn’t a barrel of laughs.

However, when all was said and done, with lying on my chest, we rocked in the recliner listening to what is apparently her favorite CD – a CD of Disney tunes. It comes from a set of 3 that Susan has had for quite some time, and the first one seems to be the one she likes the most. It has older tunes from Snow White, Song of the South, Johnny Appleseed, Fantasia, Three Little Pigs, and such. Even in the car, when its playing, she just listens with an occasional appreciative coo.

Anyway, she was lying with her back on my chest as we rocked and she was quite calm, occasionally sucking on her thumb or rubbing her eyes. Sometimes, though, I’d see that her eyes were still open as she struggled to stay awake to stare at the radio playing the music.

It was during a couple of those moments that won it all back – she’d twist her head a little more to catch me peeking and she’d give a closed mouth smile, looking straight into my eyes. It just seemed to me that she was saying she couldn’t think of a better thing she’d rather do than to rock to sleep with her daddy and her music.


9 responses to “My little girl…

  • Craigge

    Ian, that’s something that no one can really explain and you just can’t understand until it happens to you…:) Ed

  • PhragMunkee

    It could only have been better if she was a boy and gave you a little sprinkling to the face, thus completing the poop, puke, pee (PPP–ha ha, geek joke) trifecta.

  • aliasmother

    This is how they get you! They lure you in with the cuteness, and then when you are feeling all loving and relaxed, they poop on you!

  • Sandy

    Concerning the poop…………like father, like daughter. I had to wait a long time for it but I knew payback would come eventually!

  • Amy

    Man – I do believe that is the most blatant “I’m her favorite – she loves me more” post I’ve ever seen : P LOL

  • Ian

    Regarding the “I’m her favorite” comment from my dear sister, I think even Susan would admit right now that Olivia is going through a bit of a “daddy phase” wherein she is drawn toward me like a magnet most times. Maybe its just a matter of her wanting to spend the short periods of time she sees me, with me, or maybe not.

    It isn’t that she doesn’t obviously show her mom plenty of love – she does things with Susan she doesn’t with me. She laughs a little less with me, responds to Susan’s kisses differently, and other things.

    I never meant my story to be some indication that Olivia is playing favorites. I would wager she’d smile at Susan in a similar fashion given similar circumstances.

    Plus – dads are awesomer.

  • Sandy

    (Plus – dads are awesomer.)

    Excuse me?

  • Sandy

    Sorry – couldn’t resist. Who knew such a sweet little ending to a blog could stir up so much!
    I know exactly what you mean tho – I’ve had such moments with both of you.
    Your heart melts into a big mushy glob of love and you just wish time could stand still – even for a little bit……….

  • Craigge

    Olive is very smart for her age. She already knows to make sure the ones you love and that love you know it. That’s something that she won’t have to learn when she’s in her mid-twenties. She doesn’t know the meaning of “fair,” she just give’s preferential treatment when its needed. She can’t talk, but she does know how to say, “I’m cute and you and I both know it, and I like you and you know it because I wouldn’t be giving you this big smile if I didn’t.” Ed

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