We still aren’t posting much, are we?

I feel bad when I see that our blog stats are staying pretty much the same over time, with at least 20 – 30 visits a day, yet we haven’t posted anything for… a while.

Olivia’s left top tooth has cut the gum and is pushing its way into sharp existence.  The right one will be popping out before too terribly long.  She’s toying with standing without holding on to objects or people, but only for very brief, yet lengthening, periods of time.  She is, of course, quite the accomplished crawler / roller and wants to get into, well, everything.

We spent four days in Chattanooga – Friday through Monday – and she was charming, mostly.  By the last night she was so off schedule and confused about where she was she actually had to sleep in the bed between Susan and I.  Coming home was nice, but she still hasn’t shaken some of the confusion.  Tuesday she would cry if we even left the room, but by now she’s gotten through that.

Susan is preparing for a 5K that is hosted here in the neighborhood this October, so we’re working that into the daily schedule.  Olivia has made it up to eating Cheerios by herself, along with the occasional bits of peach or avocado.  We’re lucky enough that she’s still okay with being spoon fed for good portions of her solid meals unlike her buddy Shaw who’s such a big boy he doesn’t need a spoon.

That’s pretty much it for now.  Next weekend I should have an opportunity to drop in on Elynka and her family since I’ll be driving through to go rafting with Garrett and most of the rest of the crew.  Olivia and Susan are going to sit tight so as to keep crazy scheduling to a minimum.

Thank you everyone for continuing to watch for our updates, even when we don’t provide them very often…


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