Posting slackers…

OK, ok – we’ve been bad bloggers, but honestly, we haven’t been too terribly exciting lately, even by the lowest of standards.

Olivia is back into active teething, and its quite obvious that they are the top two teeth, as we can actually see the white cap barely still under the gum.  She’s a speedy crawler and she’s getting better balance while standing.

Susan still takes Olivia swimming regularly, and as a bonus outing, they went to see the Frog Prince puppet show at the library last Friday.  She said Olivia was very pleased with the show, as well as being extremely social with the packed theater.  She was charming, per her usual self.

Yesterday was Susan’s birthday, so we went out for a sit-down meal and watched the new Batman flick at the IMAX.  It was the first time we’d been out alone since before the baby came, so it was a bit of change.  Olivia stayed home with Susan’s parents, who had driven up just for the occasion.

I’m still just plugging away at work and a weekly hockey match.  I’ve gotten into a pretty reasonable routine of waking the baby in the morning, changing and feeding her, then heading to work.  When I get in after work, I get to play with her while Susan takes care of dinner.  We try to time it such that we all eat dinner at the table together.

At work, I’ve been officially announced as being promoted to a Senior position, even though it’s been in place for a month or so.  This doesn’t really change my day-to-day activities, as I was pretty much operating in that capacity already.  Another change is work is the implementation of a work from home schedule – I’ll be working from the house on Mondays, so I’ll get to see a little more of Susan and Olivia now, as well as save a couple of dollars in gas money.

That’s about it for now…


3 responses to “Posting slackers…

  • Tiffany

    Happy Birthday, Susan!!!

  • Craigge

    The only real problem with working at home is that you can’t quit work for the day and go home. I did it a good deal about 30 years ago in St. Louis and loved it. I had a little office set up in a walk-in closet off the master bedroom. I’d find myself still in the little office working sometimes at 2 or 3 o”clock in the morning. I was somewhat younger then(about 30, the best I remember).

  • aliasmother

    I love working from home one day a week and I bet you will, too. I used to do it full time and liked that less. I missed having colleagues and having a separation between work and home.

    In more exciting observations: how come your kid is all Super Crawler and mine is still, “Um, move? Why?”

    Then again she’s now up to 8 teeth. So your kid can move but mine can…bite me? Shoot, I’m still losing.

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