Happy Birthday to me!

I had a dinner/movie date with my husband… sans Olivia.  Much as I love my chubby, little cherub, I must admit it was sooo nice to not have her along.  (Teensiest bit of guilt saying that).  It was lovely to sit in a restaurant and talk to Ian without feeding/playing/consoling/cajoling the little girl.  We actually had time to discuss things that don’t revolve around teething or baby poo.  I felt positively cosmopolitan.  I even dressed up, did my hair (sorta), and wore makeup (again, sorta).  I wore heels.  It was divine.

Anyhoo, I’m 29.  Last year in my twenties.  Still feel about 17, only slightly more responsible (baby) but even less organized (again, baby).

Since I know most of the people who check this blog love me but retain Olivia and her doings as their priority, here is an update:

1)  She’s getting cuter by the minute.  Honestly, you’d think it would slow down.
2)  You can see her two front teeth on the top, but they haven’t yet broken the skin.  Poor thing.
3)  With the teething, she’s a bit more fussy and wakes up at least twice each night.
4)  She regularly pulls herself up to standing and is walking around the couch and ottoman.  That’s right, folks.  Walking.
5)  Whole lot of chatter going on.  Still mostly “Ba, ba” and “Da, da”.  Still no real connection to objects or people.  Yet.
6)  Her belly is starting to be ticklish.  Great fun for me, not sure she’s really enjoying it.  The laughter produced has a hysterical twinge, like her internal monologue is saying “It’s fun, but I’ll be darned if I know why.”


2 responses to “Happy Birthday to me!

  • Matt

    Heck…at only 29 years there is still plenty of time to make at least 12 more brothers and sisters for little Olive. With modern medicine being what it is you might be able to even up that number by 3 or 4.

  • Craigge

    Love you both like the air I breath, but I’m so glad you’re both grown. Some people stay 29 for a decade or more, at least in their own minds. Kids are great, but people who think it’s their sole responsibility to multiply and replenish the earth are out of their alleged minds. Remind Matt that in a couple of months, he’ll be a third of his way to 99 and in just two more years( plus a few days} he’ll be closer to 40 than to 30. Doesn’t really seem possible.

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