A slightly longer post…

We’ve been pretty busy around here, with Susan needing to stick by Olivia’s side and me just staying busy with all sorts of things.

Susan needs to stick by Olivia, because Miss Olivia has pretty well mastered the army belly crawl.  Once she spots something she wants, she can make a pretty rapid line toward it.  She isn’t too concerned with getting the four-point crawl just yet, as the belly crawl is getting her plenty of places.  Beyond crawling, she’d love to learn how to walk.  Standing up is favored activity, so she figures that now that she’s getting balance figured out, she should just let go of whatever the stabilizing object is and take off.  We joke that she sees us standing, then moving, so she must be able to do the same, right?  So far there haven’t been any major accidents, be caused by crawling or standing.

Beyond crawling and standing, she is sorting out how to sit up on her own.  On more than one occasion I’ve come into her room and found her sitting upright in the crib.  Once it was in the morning, and she was happily playing with her toy awaiting our arrival with breakfast.  Another time it was in the middle of the night when she’d woken up hungry and crying.

Speaking of waking up in the middle of the night, we’re still not sleeping all the way through the night, every night.  I suppose in an effort to keep up her stellar growth, she needs the extra calories at midnight or 3am.  Amusingly, she still desperately prefers to take her bottle while laying flat, or nearly flat, something I think I recall we were “supposed” to break her of several months back.

Of course this tendency to lie flat for bottle-fed food isn’t interrupting her efforts at eating solid food.  She’s been through green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, applesauce, garden veggie mix, yellow squash, bananas, various banana and other fruit mixes… and I think that’s all of it.  She’s had a little bit to drink from a sippy cup, both water and apple juice.  She has also grown fond of Gerber’s finger foods, thanks to Cortney providing us with a little sample.

With the finger foods, they are little puffs that will melt in her mouth, but will also allow for a bit of a chance to chew them as well.  She’s quickly learning how to pinch the puffs instead of grabbing them full fist, since when it’s full fist, they don’t seem to get into her mouth quite as well.  She’s making strides in self feeding… but I dread the day when she turns away the spoon like her boyfriend Shaw has.

We’ve been working through the all of the “depressing signs” of Olivia’s aging.  Things like boxing up clothes that we like, but she doesn’t fit into, or moving the crib mattress down so she doesn’t have the ability to climb out.  We’ve taken down her mobile and her favorite toy, Gerard the Giraffe, is in the possession of Shaw because Olivia just didn’t care for him that much anymore.  We’re also at a point where we sort of admit she could use a haircut, but we’re still kind of holding out for that whole first haircut at Disney thing.  Maybe we’ll have to take a trip there before our big “first” trip?  She’s got a bit of a Farrah Fawcett thing going on, with the curly, flipped out wings over her ears.

There hasn’t been a tremendous amount of stuff going on around the house.  Like Susan had posted earlier, she fixed up the paint around the door frame and re-painted the front door itself.  Beyond that we’re just working at maintaining, which isn’t necessarily happening at 100%.

Susan and Olivia have started a routine of going to the nearby community center once or twice a week to participate in the toddler swim time.  Olivia enjoys being in the pool quite thoroughly, something we’d already discovered some time back.  The pool is indoors, so the temperatures are to her satisfaction, something that has been a detractor in other pools. Attending toddler swim time is Olivia’s little buddy, Shaw.  I’m told that the two of them splash and giggle with each other a good bit.

The teething front seems to have calmed down.  We haven’t had any rough nights lately, like we’d experienced last week.  Maybe the whole molar thing was a figment of our imagination.  We are certain, though, that teething had something to do with it because once we put the oragel on, she calmed right down.  Oh well… the teeth will pop out somewhere and some point.

Of course work has been steady for me.  My hard work was recently recognized by getting a promotion to a Senior DBA.  Currently, though, we’re working with one person less than normal, so we’ve been kind of busy.  Beyond that, our friend Jay is moving up in the company, so he’ll be leaving our group soon as well.  Our boss is hard at work to find an appropriate replacement, but I think there will be a little bit of a gap during the transition.  The group is strong, though, so I don’t think it’ll be too tough of a time.

I’m trying hard to establish a bit of a routine so that I might get home at a regular time and we can have certain expectations around chores and meals.  That’s been thrown off a little bit by an extra meeting I’ve had to attend recently, but I think I’m close to levelling things out.  Even with the bit of extra work, though, I get to see Miss Olivia wide awake and full of vigor when I get home, so that’s fun.  Plus, this weekend we’ve got absolutely nothing planned, so the three of us will get to hang out together!

We’re getting really excited about our trip to Disney World this coming December.  It’s months and months away, but we’re ready for it to be here.  We’ve made all of our dining reservations and know generally which parks we’ll be visiting which days.  One of the highlights, we hope, is that we’ll be attending a breakfast with Pooh and Friends.  With all of the Pooh memorabilia around her nursery, we’re hoping she’ll recognize the characters to some extent… or at least not be completely afraid of them!

All that’s left for the trip, other than the passage of time, is to work out what special thing we might do for Amy and Garrett in the spirit of giving them a “second honeymoon” since their first wasn’t exactly what they expected.  Apparently they are “young fogies,” not interested in the ship’s clubs and such.

I can’t think of much else.  We’ll try to grab a bit of video when Olivia is making her way around the room.  I’m really happy with the new video site and since Olivia is getting more exciting, we’ll likely start taking more video of her.  I sort of wish I had had the foresight to have bought a High Definition video camera, since this new site (and our television) will support the better resolution.


5 responses to “A slightly longer post…

  • Craigge

    Her curls are what makes her so cute! I know Moms and Dads who would love to have a baby with those curls. In fact that’s the first thing everyone drools over is her full head of bouncy curls. Can you tell I like her curls too?

    Congrats on the promotion. I guess they know how hard you work. Maybe your work load will decrease a little and you can see Olivia and Susan more. If you follow Amy and Garrett’s lead you and Susan may still be on your honeymoon. Actually always try to be on your honeymoon.

    As for house repair- it never ends. So enjoy some weekends. Go on little trips around the Nashville area. They are great memory makers. Susan knows a great place to get fresh Amish veggies just a short drive from Portland in Kentucky.
    Sometimes it’s the little trips that can take away the stress and make a memory. We usually would make wrong turns on our weekend memory maker trips and mostly that lead all of us to laughter and high adventure!

    Love Mimi

  • Sandy

    Looks like it’s unanimous among grandmothers………she DOESN’T need a haircut! Just think how much fun it will be to play with, I mean fix, her hair as it gets longer.
    Maybe if she was an Oliver instead of Olivia, I would agree – maybe. But she’s a beautiful little girl with beautiful little curls so maybe we could look into hairclips instead. Please?

  • Craigge

    Comment #1 is just a little bit of an understatement. We were driving around a month after we got married, took a wrong(or maybe right) turn, and wound up in Canada. Still have a little pot somewhere that we picked up at the Space Needle at the World Exposition site in Toronto. Ed

  • Richell

    I love you boogie! Miss you. Think of you all the time! Love to Susan, Kisses to Olivia, Hugs to Ian.

  • Jigsz

    hi got linked to your spicy food blog entry from my blog. best regards!

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