Happy Birthday, Lovie!

Today is Ian’s 30th birthday.  He will beat me mercilessly for mentioning his age in this post.  ;P  Trust me, babe, it looks really good on you.  I sent him off with his present this morning.  I put together a big basket of some yummy snacks so he doesn’t go hungry when he gets stuck at work.  There is also a framed close-up of Olive as she is eating some applesauce.  The impressive blue eyes that she got from her daddy are quite lovingly displayed.

As usual, it has been nuts around here.  Ian threw a fish-fry this past weekend.  His hockey team and coworkers were all invited and most of them showed up.  I must say, Ian did an amazing job with the catfish (DeltaPride – Ian’s family runs it!).  No leftovers.  Not even crumbs.  There was the usual assortment of hamburgers and grilled chicken and various accompaniments (lemon bars being my overwhelming favorite… much to the dismay of my hip area).  No pictures of the fun because it was too fun to be bothering with the camera.

Now, in preparation for the party, I fixed up the front door.  You might recall a teeny, little incident where some village idiots knocked it in.  I sanded it down, primed and painted it back to beautiful.  And it is beautiful.  I have been inspired by this and really want to paint the kitchen cabinets and, eventually, the downstairs bathroom.  Maybe even the back guest bedroom.  Ambitious, yes.  Illogical, totally.  Will I do it?  Almost certainly.  Will it be anytime soon?  Depends on the good graces of Olivia.

One response to “Happy Birthday, Lovie!

  • Randy

    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope things are well. Much happening here finally. The dogs say hello.
    Take Care Bro.


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