Six months!

Olivia had her six month check-up yesterday.  Hard to believe, but she is almost exactly twice her birth weight.  She is 18 lbs. 14 oz.  For those of you who don’t immediately remember (shame on you as my baby is the center of the world… wait, no), she weighed 9 lbs. 8 oz. when she was born.  My Olive.  Never misses a meal, that one.

Her height is now up to 27 inches.  Her head circumfrence is…. 15 inches.  I think.  Oh well, her stats were still on track at 97% for height and weight and 50% for head circumference.  She is big.  She is beautiful.  She is currently taking a nap.

The six month immunizations weren’t as bad as the four month ones were.  She swallowed the oral dose without any qualms and that has been the one she hated the most.  The shots (two in one thign, one in the other) did bring tears, but she calmed down almost immediately after being picked up.  Her nine and twelve month visits have been scheduled as she is in a clinical trial for bacterial meningitis immunization.

In other news, Ian discovered some free online software called Babykeys.  It’s a simple program that lets a baby pound on the computer keyboard and with each keystroke, it brings up a picture and music.  Olive now whails on the keyboard with gleeful intensity.  Apparently, she’s watched Ian and I enough that she knows to use the mouse as well.  I’m pretty sure we will want to record some video of this as it is absolutely the most hilarious thing I have ever seen (please remember, center of My world).


3 responses to “Six months!

  • Craigge

    Wish I could see that video! Of course I let her pound on my keys when she visited me. I just can’t believe that we missed the opportunity to introduce her to Nana’s piano. Talk about squealing! Give her a hug. Love Mimi

  • Craigge

    Now you understand something that neither your parents, nor anyone else, could ever teach you. You learned it from a little child that, for now anyway, can’t even speak your name. When you are old and gray, and may not even be able to speak her name, it will still be the same. Love you, Dad

  • Tiffany

    I would LOVE to see that video, too! Not just center of your world! 🙂

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