A mole is a mole is a mole. Until it isn’t.

What it is is a fibrous growth, a little ball of scar tissue not unlike a keloid, growing on my arm.  Which is great, because it looked like textbook squamous cell cancer.  I’ve been worrying about it for a while (i.e. – all during the pregnancy) and finally had a chance to get it checked out this past Monday.  At first glance, the dermatologist said, “Yikes, let me see that thing closer.”  He poked and prodded it and then pulled out his neato UV light scope.  Final prognosis is that it’s clear.  Yay!  I was having nightmares about leaving Ian alone to raise Olive, even though I know that the cancer I thought it was is one of the most treatable variety you can get.  It’s the nurse in me that makes me look for the worst outcome and then find ways to prevent or prepare for it.

Anyhoo.  How is everyone else?

Oh yes.  I have a new brother.  No, Mom and Dad are not providing miracles.  Amy and Garrett got married and I love me some Garrett.  There are pictures on the Flickr link.  The wedding was at Butterfly Hollow.  Sound familiar?  Ian and I were married there.  Let me say, it is just as magical and wonderful as I remember.  I’m so happy Amy and Garrett said their vows in one of the most beautiful places on this green Earth.


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