Stream of consciousness post to both enlighten and bewilder guests. Respectively.

One tooth.  Two teeth.  Much fussing.  More biting.  More eating.  More drooling.  We’re talking puddles.  Puddles.  Hates laying down.  Detests naps.  Loves to stand.  All the time.  Wants to walk whenever standing.  Can’t walk.  Gets frustrated.  Sits.  Wants to stand.  Wants the cat.  Waaaaannnnts the cat.  Yearns for cat.  Calls for cat.  Cat is usual ambivalent, mistrustful, dumb self.  Occasionally strays into baby’s path.  Boo-boo moments.  For the cat.  Random moments of undiluted joy and triumph for baby.  Along with eating.  Loves eating.  Very devoted.  Eats all the time.  Even things not meant for consumption.  Like kitty tails.  And dust bunnies.  My floors are very clean.  It’s not because I sweep.  Eating begets growing.  Baby is as good at growing as is at eating.  Champion, I say.  My child could eat your child and have room for your cat, too.  And would smile sweetly whilst burping.  Also champion smile-giver.  Radiantly cute.  Nuclear cute.  Cute on a sub-atomic level.  Is ingrained in her being.  Simply does not know how to be un-cute.  Fails miserably at being uncute.  Even poop is cute.  And I hate poop.


4 responses to “Stream of consciousness post to both enlighten and bewilder guests. Respectively.

  • Laurie

    She would have to catch my child first and he’s fast (as well you know)!

  • Craigge

    Yes, she is cute! Mimi

  • aliasmother

    Yes. Yes, indeed. That about sums up things over here, too.

  • Sandy

    I’ve been thinking about this. I have to agree with Mimi that she is cute. And she would probably agree with me that cute is simply too short a word to describe the cuteness of Olivia. However, and we may disagree here, cute is not a word I would use to describe her poop. There are many, many words but cute is not one of them!

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