Pool Party. Sorta.

On Sunday, we went over to Mark and Laurie’s new place for late lunch/early dinner.  The previous homeowners left their kiddy pool for Shaw to enjoy and so our tots went splashing.  Again, sorta.  While Shaw had a champion time of it, Olivia was a little less enthused.  She sat in one corner, alternating between crying and sucking on a little, yellow plastic dinosaur.  We figure it’s because she’s used to the warm water of her baths and the one time she got to enjoy an indoor pool.  (She had a similar reaction to the outdoor pool at Aunt Kathie’s house.)  We pulled her out in about 5 minutes and, after a bottle and a diaper change, she was back to being her sweet, chubby self.

There were hot dogs.  There was fresh coleslaw.  There was adult conversation interspersed with baby babbling.  It was, in fact, a very good time.

Shaw is crawling.  He is almost talking, too.  There was plenty of, “Da, da, da, ga, GAAAA!”.  Also, some hand holding and flirting with my daughter, to which she cooed and shrieked.  Ah, young love.


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