Not owning a dog, I never thought I would own chew toys.

Wrong.  They are in my fridge, scattered all over the house, and tucked in strategic locations in our cars.

About a week and a half ago, I noticed an increase in Olive’s fussiness level (which is normally pretty miniscule).  She also started chewing on everything she could get her hands on.  I immediately suspected teething and when I checked her mouth, she was the proud owner of a small, barely discernible bump on the front right side of her lower gums.

Fast forward to now – giant lump on the front of her lower gum.  Multiple teeth coming up.  I can feel them under there, but you still can’t really visualize them yet.  My poor girl.  She’s still only a little fussy, but her mommy is absolutely fraught at the idea of my sweet, sweet thunder-thighs in pain.

What am I ever going to do when she has her first real boo-boo?  I mean besides weep in a corner somewhere…

One response to “Not owning a dog, I never thought I would own chew toys.

  • Craigge

    Numbsit is great stuff and works well with the chewing. You and Matt should still remember the taste. Brings relief to child and parent alike. You chewed well on a chew toy whereas Matt did most of his serious chewing on the leg of the maple breakfast table. Love ya…Dad

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