Wow. Really not doing well with the posting lately.

The last few weeks have been so very busy.  San Diego first and then Ian’s trip to Chicago while I went to Chattanooga with Olivia.  It’s all a blur at this point.  We’re still in Chattanooga and I’m writing from my future sister-in-law’s computer.  Ian is with us, having driven here after he got off work Friday.

Let me catch you up with her cuteness, Olive.  She’s five months old now.  She fits quite well into 12 month clothes.  You really don’t notice how big she is (except her thighs… no hiding those puppies) until you compare her to other kids.  Our friends Adam and Megan have an almost two year old who Olivia could probably swallow whole if she were so inclined.  They wear the same diaper size.  Not kidding.

In the past week, she has learned to sit on her own.  She can’t yet sit up without assistance, but it certainly isn’t for lack of trying.  She’s amazingly apt at sitting, but now that she’s sitting she really wants to be standing.

She loves squash, likes carrots, and tolerates peas.  She eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner on top of her bottles because whenever the adults are eating she MUST eat too or there will be mutiny.  When I was young, I hummed while eating (much to my older brother’s displeasure).  Olivia is her mother’s daughter, happily humming and gobbling up her food.  Right now, I think it’s quite cute.  In a couple of months, I will probably share my older brother’s opinion.

Mimi gave Olivia an activity center.  It’s the type with the swivel seat and a suspended bungee base to build up those legs (not that they could feasibly get much bigger).  There are cute little toys to teach cause and effect on all the corners.  So far she loves all the dangly stuff.

Doodah bought Olivia two toy dolls.  One speaks Spanish and English when you press buttons on the hands.  The other is a little life-like baby.  Olivia was flabbergasted by the talking doll.  She may have a crush on the life-like baby.  She squeals and giggles just like she does with her boyfriend, Shaw.

Oh.  Yes.  Boyfriend.  Already engaging in heavy petting and makeout sessions, much to Ian’s discontent.  Olivia loves Shaw, the cute, tow-headed progeny of our friends, Mark and Laurie.  They have sucked face (literally, not figuratively).  Olive coos and giggles when she sees him.  He grabs her by the ears and plants big wet ones on her.  “The Talk” is apparently going to be needed much earlier then anticipated.

I know there is more going on in our lives than this but my brain is mush.  Mush, I tell you.


5 responses to “Wow. Really not doing well with the posting lately.

  • Sandy

    Matt’s taking on a second wife? Cause I know for sure Ian doesn’t have another brother!

  • Susan

    Jeez, you take the time to type out a quick post and then they expect you to get all the info correct… : P

    I meant future brother-in-law.

  • Sandy

    True – you did say your brain was mush. And after the non-stop week you and Olivia had (especially the last days) I’m surprised you could type at all!
    Oh, and the doll that speaks Spanish? That actually came from Ian’s Aunt Rebecca – just sent with Grandfather to me to give to Olivia

  • Susan

    Yay for some comment lovin’!

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