Bed time

So Miss Olivia now has a bedtime.  An official, carry her to her crib, bedtime.  Or at least we hope that’s the answer…

Since we returned from San Diego, she hasn’t been the best bedtime buddy.  We attributed it to a lot of things – the time change, the change from sleeping in the same room as us, and even the bed she was sleeping in.  She’d scream uncontrollably if you laid her in her crib or even on the floor next to you.  She might consider calming down if you rubbed her leg reassuringly, but it wasn’t the perfect cure.  We tried letting her cry it out, but after a couple of 30 minute sessions that didn’t see an end in sight, we had to try something different.

All we could do is put her back into the glider that she’d slept in for the first month or two.  It pretty much got her to sleep without too much of an issue.  We figured we’d ween her from it slowly, getting her back in the crib within a few weeks.

However, last night we discussed taking her to bed at a specific time.  We were a little later than planned on getting her to bed, based on a couple of previously successful attempts last week.  Tonight, however, Susan carried her up at 8:15p and we’ve not heard a peep from her yet.  The key, beyond time, is that she is still a bit awake.  If, for some amazing reason, she’s actually fallen asleep, it isn’t going to work.  And if she has already started to fuss?  Forget it.

Our little one is growing up!  But now we’re chained to the clock for a while…


5 responses to “Bed time

  • Uncle Munkee

    I know Adam and Megan and my coworker and his wife can attest to a consistent bedtime being the best fix for the sleep problem. Everyone knows it, but it always seems like a revelation when it actually works.

  • Laurie

    Yay for bedtimes! And I will happily be chained to the clock if it means Shaw is sleeping well and consistently. In fourteen years we’ll long for these days when we’re sitting up worrying because they’re out past curfew!

  • Craigge

    Sleep is OK but it’s kind of like fishing line. When I first started fishing, I used 20 pound test line. After a year or two and experience, I was able to go down to 10 pouns linw. Later, I went to 8, then 6, then 2. After many years of experience, I was able to eliminate it altogether..:) Dad

  • Craigge

    Susan, you were an eight o’clock baby. It really amazed me how easy it was to get you in your crib and asleep! Matt was another story. It was mostly my fault, because I was clueless. I’m glad you two are smarter. All kids need structure and parents are the ones that make the rules. Love

  • aliasmother

    The Buddha has been a 7:30 baby for a couple months now. If we keep her up later than that, we are just asking for a meltdown. We’ve also learned that if she starts to get fussy, the best thing to do is to put her down in the crib and walk away. It was a hard lesson to learn, because who wants to let their baby cry? But if I tried to hold her and calm her, it just turned into a major freakout. Left alone, she’s asleep in five minutes or less.

    Sometimes the best solutions are the easiest.

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