Ok… so we haven’t posted the trip report or much of anything else since our return because we’ve been a bit busy.

Olivia didn’t re-adjust too well upon her return – she kicked into a screaming fit when it was time to go to sleep.  We figure not only was it a time thing, but an environment thing, too.  You see, every night she’d gone to bed with us in the room.  On top of that, 4 nights were spent sleeping in the middle of an adult sized bed, with the last being alongside her mother.  (More on that once I get the trip report up…)  So we’ve had to deal with that each night, which is a big change for us.

On top of that, I’ve been working a great deal, keeping me from polishing off the details of the report.  What is a great deal you ask?  How about the fact that I worked from 11p on Thursday and didn’t go to sleep until 6:30a on Friday morning.  One problem after another welcomed me into my on-call week.  It hasn’t improved an awful lot either – notice I’m posting at 5:20am?  I didn’t choose to be awake at this time, trust me.

So anyway… those are our excuses.  I will note that we fed Olive some yellow squash last night, and she did reasonably well with it.  You can see those pictures on Flickr.  We’ve also uploaded our photos from the Disneyland portion of our trip.  I think the only photos left to upload are those from Susan’s camera, which I’ll do a little later today.  Oh, that and try to get some of the video up, but that’s not quite as easy as the photos.


One response to “Ugh

  • Craigge

    Obviously you aren’t having to look around for something entertaining to do. Been there and done that. Remember it fairly well and look forward to the possibility of never doing it again. I still wouldn’t take anything for having been there and done it though. Averaged 67 hours a week the last 7 years I was at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant even after taking 4 to 6 weeks of vacation a year and left there with a little over 7,000 hours of cuff time built-up(that would be 3+ years) that I never got to use. Fitting family time and a little bit of personal time in when a short workday is 12 hours is pretty demanding. It can be done, but you can’t do it forever. Ed

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