We’re home.

We haven’t posted the trip-report because we haven’t had much internet connection time, nor have we had much time in front of the computer.  Once we left San Diego, we were in Disneyland Friday night and the majority of Saturday.  Sunday had us up to LA and back to San Diego.  We got into San Diego at midnight, woke, went to lunch, and headed off to the airport.

Disneyland was fun – worth the stop, but we would have had a better time if we’d gone during a weekday instead of a weekend.  LA was good – we like San Diego better – and it was fantastic to see Kim, Sparky and Richie.

We saw Tiffany for a final farewell lunch on Monday afternoon before heading to the airport.  Olivia flew well going out, except for an incident wherein she rid herself of almost 8 oz of formula at once.  Luckily we were on a very low population airplane and we happened to have a number of burp clothes at our disposal.

We’re home now and happy to be here.  The yard and flowers have grown dramatically.  Mark and Laurie have done a great job of keeping Mooch in a clean home, and Mooch is quite excited to have us home.  Her cry was quite pitiful when we arrived home at midnight.

I’m up for work at the moment, but headed to bed now.  Maybe we’ll have a better post in a day or so… its going to take some time to recover and regroup.


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