Coming live from beautiful, down-town San Diego!

We’re on the west coast for Ian’s work. He’s doing a week-long SQL training class. Olivia and I came along for the ride. Plane ride, specifically. Just so everyone is aware, Olive handles flying much better than I do. An absolute minimum of crying and fussiness. Me, not so much. I don’t think I’m ever going to be truly comfortable traveling without being behind a steering wheel. Not to mention the whole, feet-not-anywhere-near-good-solid-ground aspect. Sigh.

I’ll bring everyone up to date on the happenings since my last tiny, uninformative post (I’m feeling better, thanks). The weekend of the 19th had our little family back in Chattanooga for Amy’s birthday party. We stayed with her and Garrett at their place and had a rocking party that Saturday. Truly rocking, as Amy’s gifts included an XBox 360 and the Rock Band game.

I sang.

That’s enough about that. It was a great party complete with a castle cake from Sandy for Ames. Twas delicious. Beyond the party, we hung out with family and friends. There was a trip to Cracker Barrel with my parents and Richell (Matt was very sick and ended up getting a shot of antibiotics in the bum… sorry Matt). We met with the Metzger family for lunch. My mother and Richell were introduced to Cortney and Jake. Jeremy joined us later into lunch as he had to work that morning. They are just a sweet, sweet bunch of people.

The Monday after coming back from Chatty had us at our pediatrician’s office for Olivia’s 4 month appointment. She is growing like a wildfire. She’s 16 lbs and 1 oz and about 25 1/2 inches long. There were the 4 month shots. Since I was not there for her first visit, this was the first time I saw her get stuck. I think I did well. No crying from my side. A little crying from her, but not as horrible as I had feared. We are feeding her rice cereal and oatmeal now. She’s really coming along with eating from a spoon. She’s almost able to sit up on her own, though she needs assistance getting upright.

Our friends, Shannon and Chris Dawson, came into Nashville for a brief visit due to Chris’s work. While he attended long (and apparently boring) meetings, I took Shannon and their little boy, Jonathon, out to see the city. We walked Centennial Park and the Mall at Green Hills. It was lovely. This was the first time Shannon and I were able to see each other’s babies. We were both very impressed. Our babies are cute. She had a camera and once I find the link to the pictures, I’ll post it so you can see the chubby, baby goodness laid out in the park.

In other happenings, Mark and Laurie have bought a new home. It’s in the same neighborhood, only about 2 streets away from their current house. They moved in this past weekend. I hope it went well. This has been a whirlwind experience for them and I know she’s been feeling overwhelmed with how fast it happened. While we are gone and even though they are very busy, they still agreed to check in on Mooch for us. Hi Mooch. Sorry Mooch.

I’ll give some more updates about the trip to Cali later. Right now, I must feed Olivia. Some things don’t change, even if the surroundings do.


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