San Diego – quick summary

I likely won’t be able to get through everything in this post, but I will say we’re having a good time here in San Diego, dispite the record-breaking heatwave that has come along with us!

We’ve eaten sushi, seen Little Italy, eaten mexican, and visited the zoo. Most of our time over the weekend was spent with our friend Tiffany, who I literally, from birth, grew up with. She and her boyfriend Scott have been extremely gracious hosts.

We’ve found the city to be nice and, so far, very navigable. Its one-way streets are pretty understandable, but we also haven’t had to drive very far without a guide, so that opinion might change.

I’m starting class today, so Susan and Olivia are on their own during the afternoons.

Speaking of Olivia, she is doing reasonable well with the time change – it seems she is pretty in tune with the sunlight cycles. She wakes up a little more often in the middle of the night, but overall she’s still sleeping well. She enjoyed the fish at the zoo and gawked at a baby Orang for a minute or so. There are plenty of photos uploaded already, with more to come as the week goes by. We’ve even got some video to share, but that may wait until we’re at home.


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