Everybody’s working for the weekend.

The last two weekends have been pretty awesome, honestly.  Except for the whole basement-disguised-as-a-lake fiasco, that is.  The weekend after the first (yes, first) flood, Sandy came up and we all went to tour the Jack Daniel’s Distillery with the Milhoua family.  The funny part – the distillery is in a dry county.  All these young hooligans showing up from out of state colleges got nary a drop of liqour.  The closest you’d get was a whiff of the vapors from the refining tanks or the storage barn.  Dissappointment was etched all over their frat-boy faces.  Good times.

We wandered through downtown Lynchburg afterwards.  The old town square was still in operation, though the shops heavily favored distillery-themed merchandise.  While there, we munched on homemade fried pies from some of the locals.  You haven’t lived til you’ve experienced a fried pie.  Hot and delicious.  They are just one of the many reasons Alias Mother is back in her prematernity jeans and I am not.  That along with my predilection for sweet tea and the tradition of frying anything that sits still for longer than a minute (fried Oreos anyone?).

This past weekend was spent at the Wilson’s in Loudon.  We hadn’t seen them since the first trimester of my pregnancy, so their only experience with Olivia was as a nascent lump in my belly.  She is now a charming baby.  Sydney and Ella loved being around her.  Especially Ella, she just couldn’t get enough of her chubby goodness.  As a surprise, April invited Jason and Ian’s long-time friend, Randy, up from Georgia to visit Saturday and Sunday.  He’s taken to running and looks absolutely fabulous.

*Since this is such a happy, little post I will only mention briefly and in passing that it rained Friday and I spent a harried, two-and-a-half hours scouring water out of our basement before leaving for the weekend.  Stupid basement.


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