High fallutin’ indoor swimming pool.

Not.  It rained a lot here last week.  A lot.  A whole lot.  Normally, rain is welcome especially since the drought from last year is still fresh in everyone’s mind.  So the rain was great the first day.  Pouring down like a busted faucet?  Great.  It was still good the next day.  Constant downpour?  Bring it on.  The third day, I went down into our basement to see if we had some empty boxes for our friends Mark and Laurie (moving is so fun).  There was an inch or so of water in half our basement.  Steal my thunder and strangle my joy.  Ian and I sucked it up with a shop vac (Thanks Matt and Chell!).  Still, not a catastrophe.

Cut to the very next morning.  Still raining.  I run downstairs to check it out.  Mm hm.  Boxes are floating around in about 5 inches of water.  Suddenly, I’m very ready for a hot, dry summer.  And a sump pump.


5 responses to “High fallutin’ indoor swimming pool.

  • Laurie

    I’m sorry our move has caused you such anguish! We have a shop vac (not yet packed) if you need another.

  • Uncle Munkee

    Ha ha @ Georgia. We have water and the TENNESSEE River!

    Oh, and here’s a shot of Ian and Adam trying to “fix” the sump pump — clicky

  • Craigge

    Sorry about the water in the basement…problems now and then are all a part of it, but not fun and a real frustration. Water is something you have to have, but in the wrong place and too much of it IS a problem. You’ll get through it anyway. Love you…Dad

  • aliasmother

    Hey, it’s a SEE-MENT pond!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist after I saw your post title. So sorry about the water. Should I send buckets?

  • Tiffany

    Okay – I’m changing my mind about buying a house now. Maybe renting IS better!

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