Catchy/Witty Title Here.

The Kirk family spent their weekend at home, under the weather.  The rainy weather, that is.  It was dismal at best, abysmal at worst.  Bleh.  But we were productive.  We did venture out to Lowe’s Sunday after Ian’s last hockey game of the season.  Grass seed and decorative gravel for the yard was purchased.  The gravel now resides on our pretty path to the sidewalk and mailbox.  The grass seed is waiting until we have killed off the clover and other weeds that have taken over our lawn.  Other than that, we have been laying low and tidying up around the house.  Olivia has not offered to help.  In fact, she puked on the floor the other day (on mom, too).  I would have been more upset, but she just grinned and grinned.

This is one of the least glamorous posts I have written.  Hmmm…

STEP RIGHT UP!  (Feel free to play the Tom Waits song of the same name… it fits).


2 responses to “Catchy/Witty Title Here.

  • Craigge

    Into every life a little rain must fall. Into every fall a few leaves must fall. That’s just the way it goes with chloroplasts and chlorophil…Love you…Dad

  • Craigge

    Saw a baby girl at K Mart today. She was in the same car carrier that Olivia has. She was seven months old. She was the same size as our Olivia and she was doing the same things that Olivia does with her hands. She had blond hair parted just like our girl and big eyes and the same shy sideways grin. We have a very smart little girl!!! I do miss seeing her. Love Mimi

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