Easter Weekend Re-cap.

We headed to our hometown for the holiday.  Early(-ish) on Friday morning, we packed everything up and drove down for a photo appt with our friend/fabulous photographer, Lesha.  It had been scheduled for around noon (Eastern), but some continuing construction on her brand new studio (shameless plug – La Mariposa) had it pushed back to 2PM.  Instead, we went to Matt and Richell’s to eat lunch with my mother.  I do miss me some Bojangle’s Chicken.  There’s only one in Nashville and it’s the exact opposite of conveniently located.

You can follow the link to the beautiful pictures by Lesha here.

We had dinner that same evening to celebrate Richell’s 29th birthday.  Her actual birthdate is at the end of the month, but we partied a little early because her sister, Kim, is moving to California just before the big day.   There was early spring weather and it had been a beautiful day.  We ate barbecue out on the patio.  This is the best time of the year for it in the South.  No mosquitos, yet.

Saturday morning, we headed over to the shooting range at the Chattanooga Rifle Club so I could get some practice on the shotgun.  Matt and ‘Chell are members and visit quite regularly.  It’s really fun to watch Richell shoot.  For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting her, she’s tall and quite thin.  Very feminine, a true girly-girl and proud of it.  To see her popping off targets with a scope rifle is… unforgettable.

Anyhoo, I don’t like the shotgun, but I know how to use it effectively should the need arise.  I hope it doesn’t.  After I felt proficient enough, I had some fun with handguns.  I am actually fairly capable with them and it surprised the hubby a bit.  I think the fact that I’m a better shot than he is weirded him out, but made him proud at the same time.

After the range, we met up with our friend, Cortney, and her son, Jake.   Let me tell you, he is the bee’s knees.  Jake was born about 2 months before Olivia and is quite the personality.  He’s got his mom’s eyes which are going to cause some problems when he gets older.  Well, problems for  his parents, local girls, and the local girls’ parents.  I’m betting he won’t mind it a bit.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look.

We don’t get to see Cortney too often, so it was a treat to catch up in person.  We discussed life, work, and parenting (of course).  She’s trying to teach Jake baby signs, which I think is just a neat idea.  I may try it with Olivia myself in the near future.  That Saturday was a pretty day, too, so we hung out for a while in the Riverpark before the wind became a bit too much for the babies.

That night, we dropped Olivia off with her Doodah (Ian’s mom, Sandy).  She wanted some quality time with her granddaughter and we had a small party to go to over at Amy and Garrett’s house.  Their house is really looking wonderful these days.  The kitchen is halfway renovated with new countertops, dishwasher, and fridge.  The bedrooms got some love, as well, with new carpet and fresh coats of paint.

The party was much more understated than the LAN parties they host.  Just card and board games, the Wii, and pizzas.  Kimmy and Sparky showed up so everyone was able to wish them well before they move away.  Cherity came with Kim, which was a nice surprise for me.  I haven’t seen her in ages.  It’s safe to say, everyone had a fabulous time.

Easter Sunday, had us at my parent’s church for service.  We sat with family and friends.  To my delight, a dear friend of mine, Shane Stanley, and his girlfriend were in town to spend Easter with his parents.  I hadn’t seen Shane in a few years, so I was pretty excited.  He got to meet Olivia and we caught up a bit before the service started.  After it was over, Olivia made the rounds with dear family friends – and promptly spit up on them.  (Sorry Larry!)  In spite of the emitus, she was overall very charming.

We finished up the weekend with lunch at my parent’s house after service.  As usual, it was all delicious.  My mother is a true southern cook and knows how to whip up good food.  Ham, green beans, potatoes, cream corn, crescent rolls, and strawberry cake.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

After lunch was over, we headed back to Matt and ‘Chell’s to pack up and leave for Nashville.   It’s very nice to make that drive in the daylight.  It’s kind of boring in the dark, but with Spring bringing in the green it was really quite pretty.  I’m looking forward to April when the weather is more stable and the flowers start blooming.


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