Clinging to the Weekend (better known as “I hate Monday” syndrome).

My parents went home early on Friday morning.  It was lovely to see them and I’m grateful for all their help in making the house more secure.  I am sleeping better, not hallucinating that some hoodlum has come up the stairs into our bedroom in the middle of the night.

Sandy, Ian’s mum, came up late on Friday evening, getting here just ahead of the snowstorm that hit us that night.  It coated the ‘hood in pretty, white snow around 2″ deep.  It was lovely when we woke up on Saturday morning, glistening and cold.  We bundled Olive up in her adorable bear suit (thanks Dru, Jules, and Ben!).  Ian held her and let her experience it close up.  She was so unimpressed.  Matter of fact, she disliked it so much she started whaling on contact.  I took pictures for posterity and they’re on the Flickr link.  By the end of the day, all of it had mostly melted.  Boo.

Graham and Virginia came up on Saturday to visit a sick friend at Vanderbilt hospital.  After that they dropped in and we all went out to dinner at the AlleyCat Lounge.  Texmex and Southern food.  Very yummy, but I’m happy we hit it on the early side.  They allow smoking and it’s kind of tight corners, so had more people been lighting up it would have been hard on our collective nostrils.  It was grand to see the Pattons again.  Graham is celebrating his birthday this week, so for all the readers here who know him don’t forget birthday spankings and calling him old 🙂

Ian has a hockey game at 11:10 tonight.  I’m a teensy bit nervous about being alone so late, but I’m a big girl with a big gun and a little girl to protect.  I’ll deal.  However, I’m hanging around Ian a bit more than normal right now, you know, absorbing courage vicariously.

(P.S.  Check out the Recipe Site.  Ames stepped up and put some really yummy stuff up.  Mmmm, mmmm.  And Garrett has his way of making a cup of coffee with the Aeropress for those of you who love your cup-o-joe.)


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