On A Positive Note.

Olivia rolled from her tummy to her back this morning.  Twice.  Once to the left side and the next to the right side.  She had been enjoying her morning bottle when she decided to be more social than hungry so I opted for some tummy time.  I set her down in her crib and put her mirror in front of her (she’s quite the narcissist these days).  She was fussing so much that I thought she wanted her bottle again.  I turned to grab it and she became quiet.  When I looked up at her, she was smiling up at me from her back at the side of her crib.

I thought it was a fluke, but I called Ian to tell him about it anyway.  I flipped her back on to her stomach to see if she could/would do it again.  Sure enough, she fussed and fussed about being on her tummy.  Once she decided I wasn’t going to help her, she shimmied her way over the other side onto her back.  Give the kid a round of applause.  Oh, and she wants to crawl so bad she can hardly take it.  I don’t think her mummy is ready for that.

(On a side note, we now have a shotgun.  Eek.)


5 responses to “On A Positive Note.

  • Richell

    I knew she was going to roll over. She was trying to while I was there. Man…I missed it.

  • Uncle Munkee

    A shotgun? Kid in one arm and shotgun in the other?

  • Laurie

    Yay for rolling over! Just wait until she goes from her back to her tummy. Then she will be able to roll right off the blanket or mat you put her on. Not that I’ve let Shaw do that. No way…

  • Susan

    Mmmhmm, sure Laurie. Sure. 😉

    If I have to pick up the shotgun, I can put down the baby. I’m hoping I never have to pick up the shotgun.

  • Bruce Darrington

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kirk,

    On behlaf of the NRA, I’d like to welcome you to our worldwide family of gun owners. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it. It may also be a good idea to invest in a handgun, they’re much easier to locate/shoot when the heat is on. A shotgun blast (if not at point blank range) could make the situation worse by making an attacker really REALLY mad. You’ll also want to get a good gun lock as a precautionary measure.


    Bruce Darrington
    Director, New Member Relations
    National Rifle Association – Southeast Council

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