And it continues.

Things had calmed down by Sunday.  Matt and Ian fixed the door and also reinforced it.  Longer screws, stronger wood in the frame, etc.  It was an uneventful day.  Around 4:30 that afternoon, Matt and ‘Chell headed back to Chattanooga.  It was a quiet evening and we were pretty relaxed.  Ian had a hockey game at 8:30 last night.  He left for it at around 7:40.  Just after he left, my mom called.  While I was on the phone with her, I heard the front doorknob rattle.  I thought Ian forgot some piece of his equipment and had come back for it.

I walked into the front room and as I was heading for the front door, I looked through its window and saw a man with a baseball cap pulled down on his face on the other side.  He and I turned and ran at the same time.  I grabbed my baby and went up to the nursery to call Ian and then the cops on my cell.  I kept Mom on the home phone until the cops arrived.  Ian got here while they were still looking around and asking questions.  No sign of the guy by that time.

We are getting a gun.  A shotgun.  We are looking at things we can do to the house to make it more secure.  We are also considering selling the house.  That would be a hard decision to make.  Harder for Ian than it is for me, but still very hard.  We are talking with our friend/realtor Andra about what the house would go for.  We are trying to decide if it’s a rational decision, if it is economically feasible, and where we would go.

We’ve got a bumpy road and right now the shocks are shot.


6 responses to “And it continues.

  • Uncle Munkee

    Video Surveillance?

    (First link I found from Google for “video surveillance” —

  • Susan

    Yup. We came up with a list of things to do to make the house more secure. Cameras, bars on the basement windows, juicing up the locks on the doors and reinforcing the frames, and adding window break sound sensors to the security system as well as another keypad upstairs, etc. I hate this.

  • aliasmother

    What the ???? At least you guys aren’t being easy targets.

    So disturbing. Hopefully they are gone now.

  • April

    I am in total shock! I am so sorry that you have to go through any of this. Has there been any other break-ins in your neighborhood? Susan, thank goodness you had your Mom on the phone, but I bet she was scared to death. I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to guns, but I do think you need to buy one or two.

  • April

    I was just thinking! It’s like the guy was watching the house and knew Ian was gone. The police need to be really watching your neighborhood. Video surveillance isn’t a bad idea. Also, motion lights all the way around the house.

  • Richell

    O.K. so when it happend the first time I was terrified. The second time it happened Matt and I were eating at the Shoney’s in Kimball and the fear went away and I just got MAD! MAD that they would try this a second time! I love you guys and we are praying for you. Give boogie a kiss for me. Love to you. Hugs to Ian.

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