Feeling better, thanks.

Time, sleep, and antibiotics have all been helpful.  I feel 90% better, just a little sniffle leftover.  Ian is feeling better in all respects except for sleep.  He did an 87 hour work-week.  Bleh, however he gets tomorrow off to make up for it.  Yay!  The Mullins’ visited this past weekend.  We had a lovely time dining and shopping and enjoying each others’ kids.  For the record, Kaelen and Mackenzie are quite adorable.  Oh yeah, Olivia went for her first swim with daddy in the pool at the hotel.  Watch for photos in the near future of her adorable chubbiness in a red and white polka-dotted bikini.

Tonight, ah tonight.  Tonight is the Predators’ Ball.  A lovely excuse to get all dolled up, eat good food, and perhaps do a little refined dancing.  For an example of my idea of refined dancing, please see Amy “soon-to-be-Bartley” Kirk’s rendition of the happy dance.  Or my husband’s fine performance of “Riding the Donkey”.  In a kilt.  Yes, yes.  The Kirks bleed refinement and elegance.

Much gratitude to my mother is needed.  She and my sweet Aunt Lynda babysat Olivia while Ian and I had the crud and mom is also keeping her tonight so we can have our fancy date.  Olive enjoyed her mini-vacation quite a bit and returned to us in fine form.  It is amazing how much we missed her while she was gone, even though we knew we were too under the weather to take care of her.  Funny how something that weighs around 14 pounds and can’t walk or talk (though she’s trying) became the center of our world in less than 3 months.  What an empty house it was…


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