Susan spent all day yesterday in the bed, hoping to get plenty of rest to push her into caretaker mode for today.  Unfortunately, though, her body was conspiring against her and around 10p, she discovered she had a fever of 100.1 degrees.  It was then that we knew I was going to be home again, playing the multi-tasking father.  (I wish I could get a picture of me holding/feeding her with one arm, typing on the computer and talking on the phone via a headset…)

This morning she headed over to the “nicest CVS [she’s] ever seen,” to visit their Minute Clinic.  They diagnosed her with a pretty significant sinus infection, something likely allowed in by a little cold she had a few days prior.  They’ve prescribed her a 10-day dose of antibiotics and she’s on her way to recovery.

To give me a chance to recover, her mom is headed up here to collect Olivia and retreat to her aunt Lynda’s house for at least the next day or two.  It’ll be extremely strange not to have Olivia in the house overnight tonight… the idea bothers me more than I thought.  Maybe its because she and I have had a chance to spend a lot of time together this two days and I’ve gotten mushy.  Anyway, despite my concerns, its for the best.  Her mom can stay her and risk getting sick, and I’ve got to get some sleep, as well as show my face at the office at some point!

We’re still planning on having the Mullins’ over from the wilderness this weekend, so we’re quite excited about that.  Additionally, we’ve been invited by Ben and Dru to the Predator’s Unmasked Ball on Monday, so that’s high on our list of exciting things.  I’ll be sure to get pictures of us in our fancy dress.  Susan’s mom has also been kind enough to volunteer to babysit that night, too!

I’ll update as we have them…


One response to “Sickness

  • Craigge

    Life can get pretty busy and pretty demanding sometimes. Just a few hours of “downtime” can be great once in a while…Ed 🙂

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