2 month checkup

Today was Olivia’s two month checkup, coinciding directly with her two month “birthday.” Since Susan is stricken with a serious head cold, she has quarantined herself away from the baby and I became the sole parent to carry Olivia to her appointment.

Her stats:

  • Weight: 13lb 8oz
  • Height: 24 1/4 inches
  • Head circumference 15 1/2 inches

If I recall correctly, she’s in the 50th percentile on head circumference and 95th on height/weight. Basically this means her head size is pretty much in the middle of all kids her age and her height/weight are considerably higher than most kids. We knew she was growing, but I don’t know that we expected these results!

At our two week visit we got information about a clinical trial that was testing a meningitis vaccine in infants. Its a vaccine that is already in use for children older than 12, but they are working on getting it to kids sooner. Apparently there was actually a ten year old girl her in Nashville that just died from a meningitis infection of the variety that this vaccine would protect against. Anyway, the trial begins at the two month visit and we’ve decided to opt-in. I had to read through the informed consent and sign a few documents. We’ll have to collect some information over the 7 days following each of her well visits.

Being a trial, there are some kids who get the vaccine at this visit and some that don’t. She was randomized into the group that does not get the vaccine until later in the well visit routine. In this fashion, she’ll be the “control” baby, but once a year has passed, she’ll still receive the vaccine due to her participation. I spoke with the study doctor there at the office and the trial has been going in its current stage for nearly a year now. She’s getting in near the end of the current stage that has 4,500 participants. They’ve seen no adverse reactions, so that made us feel even better about enrolling her.

Once all the trial paperwork was out of the way, we proceeded to her normal immunizations. Of course, during all of the paperwork delay, she’d fallen asleep on the examination table and was snoozing delightfully. The nurse had to wake her and make her quite upset. First came an oral dose to guard at the rotavirus. Being a bit of a pro with oral medicines, she was pretty displeased. This got her lungs going full blast.

After the rotavirus vaccine, there were three injections, one on the right thigh and two on the left thigh. It all went pretty quickly. With the first stick, she was already screaming pretty well and her only reaction was to raise her eyebrows a bit. With the second and third stick she didn’t do too much more than scream a little louder. At no point did she reach the scream without sound stage that I’d heard so much about.

After it was all over, I picked her up and held her. She took a few minutes to calm down, then fell asleep. After 15 minutes, though, I had to lay her back down for a check that she was reacting okay. This, of course, sent her into another brief screaming fit – I think it was a flashback. 🙂 She calmed down, though, and the nurse was able to look into her smiling face while she got her temperature under the arm.

All and all it went just fine I think. I think Susan would have been a bit of a mess with all the crying and screaming, but Olivia came out just fine. She seems not to have any ill effects so far to top it off. At the same time, though, how do you know if a 2 month old has a headache?


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