Valentine’s Day

Susan’s Valentine’s Day gift from me is one we can share with everyone!

By Ian Kirk

I made a 25 page book of photographs that covers our wedding, our honeymoon, and the first month or so of Olivia’s life. Its a 7×7 book available in hardback or softcover. The hardback version, which Susan got, even has a dust jacket!

If you click on the link above, you can preview the first 15 of pages in the book in a low-res PDF format. You can also purchase your own copy if you’d like one! I’d suggest the hardbound version because there is extra text and photos on the dust jacket, but I’d bet the softcover is pretty darn cool, too.

I’m sure as Olivia ages, we’ll be making another book to showcase her. I’ve seen a number of other books on the Blurb site that have pictures from a year of the child’s life, so, for example, Olivia’s first year. I may have just ruined the surprise for some people’s Christmas gift… oops.

From Susan and Olivia I got a a picture for my desk at work.  Using the “3-D” frame we’ve had since our wedding, she got a photo of the two of them holding a sign that says “We (heart) You!”  Everyone that has seen it was quite impressed and I’m happy to have a photo of Olivia that isn’t an ultrasound!  I’ll post of picture of it when I get a chance.

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