Catching up.

The busy-ness never stops.  We went down to Chatty over the weekend to help Ian’s sister move.  We arrived at Matt and Chell’s late in the evening on Friday night, just in time to have supper and visit with Graham, Virginia, and my mother.  Joyce (one of my mother’s oldest friends) came by to sneak a peek at Olive.  We all caught each other up on our respective lives.  Good times.

Saturday, Ian woke up and headed over to Amy’s place to help pack the moving van.  Olivia and I went to Central Baptist to show off my little girl to Mom’s coworkers.  They were sprucing up a room for a princess tea party.  It looked quite fabulous and I snuck some munchies to tide me over.  Olivia slept for the most part.  I swear, it’s like the carseat is 10% plastic and fabric, 90% sleeping aid.  It conks her out every single time.  She did manage to pop her eyes open the last few minutes of the visit so people could see just how pretty they are.  Deep blue with an inner ring of silvery blue.  That inner ring gets bigger every day.

Saturday afternoon, we all headed to Garrett’s for Amy’s housewarming/LAN party.  Yup, we’re geeks.  And fairly proud of it, too.  I played a Nintendo Wii for the first time.  Tennis.  I’m not sure what I expected.  I can’t play tennis in real life.  Why on earth should a video game be any different.  It was fun, but my partner and I were run into the ground by the other players.  A good time was had by all.

When Sunday morning rolled around (way too soon), we geared up to head home.  We waited around to see my parents before leaving.  Dad got his fill of holding his granddaughter.  He’s so sweet to her.  Around 1PM, we hit the road.  We were due at a birthday party in Nashville.  Olivia, true to form, conked out as soon as we started the car.  It was a pleasant journey home.  The party was lovely and it was good to see Ian’s friend and former coworker, Chuck, and his family.  They have a gorgeous new home in the country.  And there was cake.  Yummy, yummy cake.


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