Mmm, mmm.

Baby puke.  Smells awful.  Tastes worse.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  Olivia spit up… into my mouth.  I’m still gagging a bit as I right this, though it happened about 20 minutes ago and was immediately followed up with a good teeth-brushing.  Yack, yack, yack.  The moral of this short and rather disturbing story is this:

Never, under any circumstances, look at your baby when you are burping her over your shoulder.  If you fail to heed this advice, don’t make the mistake of talking, cooing, or opening your mouth for any reason while you are looking.  Hum if you must, but no singing.


4 responses to “Mmm, mmm.

  • April

    I must say a similar thing happened to me with Ella. I had fed and burped her so she seemed quite content. Ella was in this playful mood so I took it upon myself to swing her up into the air (she was loving it) and I looked up at her cute little smile, then she puked- in my face, mouth, nose, eyes. I nearly puked myself. All I could say was, “Sydney, grab the camera”! Yes, I have a picture to prove this. I knew Jason wouldn’t believe it.

  • Craigge

    I think pee is worst!!! Love

  • Craigge

    She thought you were the spring’s first robin and was trying to feed you. She must love you a lot..:) Dad

  • Tiffany

    Wow – just a day later, I threw up on Scott’s head! I can’t imagine in the mouth though – craziness! 😀

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