Still more…

I headed out in the morning to our local home improvement store and grabbed the pipe insulation that I’d mentioned.  I was pleased to find that I had written the prices down incorrectly and it was considerably less expensive than I expected.  I also picked up a new air filter and a bunch of baby proofing supplies.

When I got back home I spent the next hour or so putting the insulation onto the pipes.  It was a relatively simple and quite inexpensive task, but I’m hoping for pretty reasonable results.  I then went through and stuck plug covers in the outlets around the house.  I also bought two pair of cord keepers for the blind cords and installed those.  Along with those supplies, I bought cabinet catches, but those weren’t quite as easy to install so I’ve left them for another day.

After all that work we got cleaned up and went to our friends’ house for a Super Bowl party.  Of course we weren’t really going to for the Super Bowl, it was more an excuse to party than anything.  We went a little early, when we knew it’d be quiet, and stayed just long enough to see most everyone that was in attendance.   Olivia was perfect, of course, sleeping through all of the noise and confusion of the party.

From the loud crowd that was at the party we moved to Randy and Emily’s house that was only a couple of minutes away.  There we enjoyed quiet company while showing off our (still) sleeping little one.   We got a glimpse of where we may be headed, with their daughter Maley showing off all of her girlie toys and such.

While we were there, I phoned Sydney who’s birthday was on Sunday.  She’s reached the grand old age of 10 years old now, acting as a reminder that I’ve known her parents, as well as both Randys and a few other folks, for sometime around 12 years.  Over those 12 years we’ve all stayed in pretty good contact, watching each other grow families, move houses, and grow older.


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