I was really, really productive today.  I didn’t get out of bed until 10a, but I made up for it.  Almost straight away, I went outside and re-did the front path that I laid late last year.  I finally put the second plastic wall up on the left side, and then I rolled out garden fabric to keep grass from growing in the path.  This involved lifting each paver in addition to picking up all of the marble stones that I’d put down to begin with.  This project lasted until a little after noon.

At this point I moved to the side of the house that faces our neighbors.   Here I had planned on planting a nice bush that I’d purchased last fall, but because I got lazy and didn’t do the work I did today, its likely dead in the container they shipped it to me in.  Today, however, I got through the work I had planned – I dug up a little more than a half dozen boxwood bushes.  These may have been beautiful items if anyone was going to bother with maintaining them, but that isn’t going to happen, what with their rapid, random growth.  This project lasted well past 3 or 4 o’clock, with a brief break for Fat Mo’s lunch when family arrived.

Mom, Amy and Garrett came up for the Preds game tonight.  Mom took care of Olivia while Amy and Garrett went to the Apple Store, Susan went to Sam’s, and I kept plugging away at the work I was doing.

By the time Amy and Garrett got back around 5, I had moved to the back yard where I’d completed cleaning out the vegetable garden of last year’s detritus.  I may go back over that bit of yard to dig up the roots that I figure were left behind… either that or the plants had horribly shallow root systems. 😦

From the short work in the garden, I moved to the wall of tree limbs that were gathered along the back fence.   This was a side-effect of the big tree falling in the back yard a few months back.  Ed and Matt had come up to help cut the tree up, but I decided just to leave the limbs in the back yard since I didn’t know when the nice brush collection would be.  Now that I know its a week from Tuesday, I had to get it up front.  This involved dragging toward the gate, then throwing it over the fence.  From there, it had to be dragged to the corner.  Luckily for me, Garrett showed up just as I was starting this part and he chipped in.  I’m not sure if I would have finished the job today without his assistance.  At this point the corner of the sidewalk is impassable, but there isn’t much I can do about that.

Oh – that was just today.  I forgot that after I got off of work yesterday, I spent a couple of hours in the front yard planting the bulbs I failed to get in the ground last fall.  That was fun – it was below freezing most of the time I was out there, and at least an hour of the work was done by the light of the street lamps.  Mom said it looked a bit like there was a game of whack-a-mole going on in my front yard, what with all the little holes everywhere.

Tomorrow hopefully I’ll tackle insulating the hot-water pipes in the basement – something I hope will help us use a little less water when preparing bottles for the baby in the middle of the night.

I’m also starting to look for a contractor to give me estimates on two big projects.  First, I need someone to take a look in the attic (yes, our bedroom is the converted attic, but the bits around the box that is our bedroom are still straight up attic) and determine if we need to do anything about insulation or air-sealing.  As it stands, the wind is visibly moving in that space, but that might be important to move the extremely hot summer air.  Second, we’re going to have to have someone patch a few spots on the roof.  As I was doing all of this work in the yard today I discovered at least 4 full-sized shingles that had been blown off of the roof.  The majority of them seem to be at the peak of the roof and while I’m not completely positive, one gap may be a little deeper than is good for us.  I also believe I’ve identified the location of our leak (as well as confirming the leak while I was investigating the attic space) as a loosening plate around the bathroom vent pipe.

Ahhh… the joys of home ownership.

After all of this work, I’ll be dragging Matt and Garrett into the next big project – a patio in the back yard.  Along with the patio, I’ll be diving back into the vegetable garden business and working on laying out a drip irrigation system so as to avoid the high water bills we experienced last year.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a conservation kick lately… I’m trying to squeeze every penny out of the house as I can…


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