We’ve been quiet…

Mostly because we’ve been busy.

I got out of work a little early on Friday of last week and we headed to Chattanooga for our first family trip out of town.  We’d spent most of Thursday evening packing so we wouldn’t forget anything too terribly important.  As it stands, we failed to bring our first aid kit – we sort of wished we had her thermometer with us.  The 2.5 hour trip down the interstate was smooth – leaving early got us ahead of the traffic, plus Miss Olivia was her normal car-riding self.  She fell asleep nearly immediately, and the couple of times she woke, she was just silently looking out the window.

Upon our arrival at Susan’s brother’s house, people began showing up.  Her parents were already there, and everyone was quite excited to see Olivia.  Soon thereafter, my cousin Matt and his girlfriend Robbie dropped by.  Matt held onto Olivia for a several minutes – his first opportunity to interact with a child that small.  He did well and gave off an air of confidence, despite admitting nervousness several times.  Robbie was able to calm Olivia when she got a little fussy.  Our friends Graham and Virgina also dropped in, getting to visit with Olive as well.  The overnight sleep was normal, with nothing much to report, luckily.

On Friday, the plan was to see my cousin Brian, up from Atlanta, then drive up to visit friends in Knoxville and stay the night with them.  Their (nearly)  10 year-old daughter, Sydney, fell ill Friday night, though, and those plans had to be canceled.  Instead, we spent time relaxing around the house, then visited with my (non-smoking!) dad for a while.  We left from visiting with him to meet up with the rest of the family, including my cousin and his daughter, for dinner.  We intended to eat pizza, but both of our pizza choices presented problems with eating anytime near when we’d arrived.  Instead, we ate ribs at a joint just down the street.

Susan and I had discussed going to Olivia’s Uncle Munkee’s house to play on the Wii with the crew, but by the time we were due to head that direction, we both realized we didn’t have enough energy to make the drive across town.  We headed back to her brother’s house and went to bed… only to be woken quite throughly around 3am by an upset baby.  It seems we’d failed to provide her with her nightly dose of GERD medicine and her stomach was being rather bothersome.  She would sleep for 5 to 10 minutes, scream, we’d give her the pacifier for 5 minutes, then she’d scream for another 5 to 10.  Then repeat.  This went on until around 9 or 10a when we called my mother and asked her to come care for her precious granddaughter.  After her visiting with both grandmothers as well as several other family friends, it was time for us to head home.  The drive home was just as uneventful as the drive down.

Once home, we unpacked, ate dinner and I took off for a hockey game.  A game that we promptly lost – we’ve lost all 4 games played this year, but its still fun, so I don’t care too terribly much.  I think we’re improving even if we aren’t showing it too clearly.   We’ve gotten a player that had played full time with us for a while in as a sub and its always a blast to have her along with us.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights were rough with Olivia’s newest sleeping pattern.  She has tended to scream and squeel, yet stay completely asleep.  We, on the other hand, don’t weather the noise quite as well.  In addition to this fun, I’ve had training class both Monday and Tuesday nights, keeping me away from home until later in the evening.  That, however, is finally over.

At this point I’m planning things out for gardening this spring – I’m trying to figure out when to seed the veggies I’ve bought.  I’m trying to figure out how to water them all via a drip irrigation system.  Away from the garden, I’m trying to sort out the path in the front yard and how to mitigate some of the rainwater issues we’re experiencing.  Moving inside, I’m working on making the house as energy efficient as I can without laying out tons of cash – little things like insulating the hot water pipes and being a little more aggressive with the (programmable) thermostat.

Susan parents have just arrived for a two night visit.  My mom, sister and uncle munkee will be here Saturday afternoon.  Sunday we’ll go to a Super Bowl party and then visit Randy, Emily and Maley since we’ll be in their neighborhood.  I have no idea when I’m going to have time to do the work I’m planning out…


One response to “We’ve been quiet…

  • Elynka

    The life of new parents. I remember those early trips away for the weekend. We would get all loaded up, and it would look like we were going away for weeks!

    I will be booking our hotel in the next day or 2. Let me know if you would rather us wait for a different weekend…if you guys are just too busy this month. Let me know. We’re excited to come visit! I already told Chris about my NEED to eat at Rosepepper. 🙂

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