Desperately needed recap.

Ian had a hockey game this past Saturday. Because it was at 7 pm instead of the usual 10-11 pm, I was able to go and we brought Olivia with us. Sandy came up from Chattanooga to see Olivia and the game as well. It’s a hockey game. Pucks slapping the walls, bodies sometimes slapping the walls, and generally lots of noise from lots of sources. Olivia slept through all of it without a peep. She is her mother’s daughter, just ask any of the Chattalan group. I was completely amused as were most of Ian’s teammates and their families and friends. Some of them swear she doesn’t really have eyes (creepy when I think about it).

After the game was over, all of us “hockey widows” were waiting for our husbands to change into regular (i.e. not stinky/sweaty/icky) clothing. We had gathered in the main lobby of the Sportsplex where it is markedly warmer. After a few minutes, some random boy who looked like he was around 7-9 years old came over and started poking on my little girl, picking her hand out of her sleeve, rubbing her face, asking if he could open up her eyes! He was all over her in a matter of seconds. Granted, he obviously had some developmental issues going on, but that kid has no idea how close he came to extinction. All the lovely ladies with us closed in to help me out without making a scene. We plucked her up and then discouraged the child from continuing in that manner. To make the point even clearer and to prevent further groping, Sandy, Olivia, and I then went to wait for Ian in the car.

Sunday had my Mom visiting for a little while.  She had come up because Harvey (my grandfather) was ill.  He eventually had to go to the hospital.  Unbeknownst to us, he had been very sick for some time after a course of antibiotics.  Over the last week or so, he lost about 19 pounds which is extremely alarming.  He also was showing some signs of altered mental status and general mood changes.  Usually, he’s sweet as sugar and sharp as a tack but he’s been forgetful and on edge.  Mom came up to help take care of him since we couldn’t expose Olivia to whatever he may have had.   He’s much better now and on the road to recovery.

Another little milestone – Olivia ate her first 8 oz. bottle.  She was very hungry on Tuesday after having slept a little longer  than usual.  She gulped down her normal 4 oz and then cried until she was offered another.  She gulped that down too, gave a happy little burp, and then proceeded to play for the next 2-3 hours.


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