Yay for friends!

I went over to visit with Laurie and her cute, little boy, Shaw.  This marked the first time I have taken Olivia out on my own.  We fared rather well and had a scrumptious lunch thanks to Laurie.  She prepared homemade potato soup (yum), fresh salad, and an Aztec Brownie from Sweet 16 Bakery.  I brought the rolls still warm from the oven.  We ate and talked about our kids and the odd/amazing aspects of motherhood.

Shaw is growing at an astonishing rate.  He does “purposeful playing” with his toys and is a smiling, drooly sweetheart.  Olivia was very observant and fought her nap quite diligently so she could take in her surroundings.  She also treated Laurie to a formula poo diaper (my baby lives to please).  Shaw is breastfed so she hadn’t experienced the joys of “used” formula.  She was, um, impressed?  Disgusted?  Both.

Olivia is growing at an astonishing rate, too.  She doesn’t fit into any of her newborn clothes anymore.  She’s a long, tall butterball.  I look at her pictures from around New Year’s and she is utterly different.  Along with the physical growing, she’s developing a growing disdain for sleep.  I’ve never seen such dogged determination not to give in to the need for sleep.  She fusses and fights herself right up to when she closes her eyes.  There is generally much grunting and squacking.

Also, in her glider she knows that if she kicks her legs, the little stuffed animals hanging overhead will shake and dance.  She doesn’t really even realize she “has” legs at this point in her young life so it’s pretty neat to watch.  The funny thing is that when we lay her down in her activity center, she tries the same trick to make the little dangling fishes bounce.  With absolutely no effect whatsoever because it’s grounded.  She gets so frustrated.  Smart girl.  Can’t wait until she figures out she “has” arms and hands.


3 responses to “Yay for friends!

  • Craigge

    Glad you had a good outing! You’re up rather late! Love Mimi

  • Craigge

    Unbelievable…my grandbaby is already smarter and more developed than some of the people I work with. Imagine what she will be when she grows up…Dad 😉

  • Craigge

    Love the new color! I can see the contrast better. Not as good as the blue, but much better than the old. I also love the trees. You know if you add a butterfly and some flowers it would really remind me of the beautiful setting at your wedding. Have a good day! Love Mimi

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