Something new

So I’ve started something new, something I hope will end up being a nice little experiment that helps us grow as a family as our dinner table is laden with many meals.  This something new is another blog, but unlike this one, which is more of a journal, the new one is more of a collection.  A collection of recipes from a collection of friends.  I’ve invited a couple of people, so hopefully Susan and I will have a few new items to try out in the near future.  Maybe we’ll be able to provide those people (and more) some other new items to enjoy.

Check it out, bookmark it, and hope that it grows.


4 responses to “Something new

  • Craigge

    Baked potatoes:
    Really big Idaho or Russet
    Hot oven (450)
    1 hour
    Use mitts (Hot!)
    Can add many toppings

    Just wanted to be the first to post!!!

  • Susan

    You’re silly.

  • Craigge

    I have a really hard time seeing the contrast on your page. When I read the Mullins blog, I saw were you click for your recipe page. The blue stands out. You know, I would have thought that you would use a blue color on yours since that is your favorite color. I guess that my eyes are getting a little older than I feel. Love

  • Susan

    Actually, the green theme was more my idea. Back when we were first starting the blog, Ian was trying to convince me to use this site over our Babysites one. He asked me what I would like it to look like and voila.

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