Photo post!

First, we’re running an experiment that I call “Olivia 365.” It was inspired by several groups on Flickr that challenges (?) you to take a picture of yourself or of your surroundings each day for an entire year. Along those lines, we’re going to do our best to take two specific pictures of Olivia each and every day, so we can later see how she’s progressed. Of course, they are all being pushed into a photo set on Flickr for everyone to enjoy. I’ll also make a link to it on the right hand column for future quick reference.

Now for pictures. We’re still sorting out how best to use the flash in this room, so some of the pictures are oddly exposed…

The first two are from our 365 set:

Next, its feeding time fun…

And then play time… (Thank you Tiffany for the awesome play center that arrived at just the right time in her development!)


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