Delurker Day!

As I was surfing the blogs this morning, I noticed the ever amusing Alias Mother‘s post about today being “Delurker Day,” something I can honestly say I’ve never heard of. The idea, though, is that all of the people that read the blog and never post, should break their habit. Stop lurking around and let us know that you’re out there!


Maybe you’re a regular commenter, but don’t think we wouldn’t want to hear from you as well – add to the fun! Maybe your comment will help convince a lurker to come to the party! It’d be really awesome to see a big string of commenters on this thread, especially from all those folks we haven’t heard from before. They don’t have to be dramatic comments, just a simple hello would do!

Thanks to Chris at Rude Cactus for the awesome image and to Alias Mother for spreading the word!

Oh – and if you made it to this post after the 10th, please go ahead and de-lurk!

(Who will get first comment? I think it’ll be Susan’s mom…)


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