Sleeping & Eating

Because Olivia’s father is a little sleep deprived (playing hockey at midnight does that to you), he failed to make a preventative post in regards to the latest batch of photos. These photos, as you can see, show our adorable daughter sleeping quite soundly in her crib. However, in addition to sleeping soundly, she’s positioned in a way that could endanger her – and we know it.

You see, we’ve been doing this whole breast milk / formula feeding thing plus comparing sleeping positions between her glider and her crib, all in an effort to see what might help control her spit up quantities. At one point this afternoon, we got her into her crib lying on the incline wedge. It may have been after a breast milk bottle, I honestly don’t recall, but she was fairly upset, kicking and squirming. As such, I decided to increase the angle of the incline by putting a blanket under the head of the wedge.

Sometime later she got a formula bottle and chilled out. (Guess what the experiment is leaning toward?) She went back into the crib for some sleep and over time, she worked herself down the wedge to a point where her head was between the hip positioners. This is, of course, a bit of a hazard to her breathing, so its something we’ll be working out so as to avoid in the future of night time sleeping. However, in this case, one of us was sitting in the recliner next to her the entire time, watching her carefully. She was just too darn peaceful to wake up and reposition, plus it wasn’t too much longer before she woke herself up for more food anyway.

Oh yeah – she’s exclusively bottle fed now. Susan realized that bottle feeding doesn’t make her chest hurt like direct feeding. That shut down direct access in a hurry. Instead, our fridge is quickly becoming host to lots of bags of pumped breast milk. Maybe we should consider selling it… ? The formula seems to be keeping her stomach much calmer than the breast milk is. Susan spoke with the pediatrician briefly this evening and she’ll be following up when we go in for a visit on Thursday. In addition to the formula feeding, we’ve been a little more aggressive with burping her. (Thanks Andy!) Despite the fact that she never has seemed to be like a good burper, she’s belching with the best of them now that we’ll really seeking them out. It also seems to be helping her digestive system a bit more, of course.


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