One thing Susan left out of the two week doctor’s appointment is that we left the office with a prescription for Olivia because the doctor suspects she may have GERD. The suspicion arose because we mentioned that anytime she lies flat on her back, in the crib for example, she seems to be uncomfortable and quite often spits up. In fact, one time we laid her in the crib, she spit up nearly 2 tablespoons! That’d basically be the entire contents of her stomach. It was then that we realized just how lucky we are we’ve got the little glider that she’ll sleep in.

Since the doctor’s appointment, we’ve been giving her an acid reducer twice day. She absolutely detests its taste, but she’s managed to swallow and keep it down every time but the first time. Last night, however, each of the three times I came in to comfort her in an effort to buy Susan some time, I found that she’d spit up enough to wet her shoulder a good deal. When I came in around 8a this morning, she hadn’t eaten for almost 2 hours and yet she managed to spit up a half tablespoon or so of clear liquid while I changed her diaper. This exhibit frightened me a bit.

After putting her into the 3rd (or 4th?) outfit of the night, Susan fed her. It wasn’t too much longer before she spit up a fair quantity of that food. At this point, we stripped her and left her naked. Susan had pumped a small bottle of milk in the mean time, so I fed her that. Despite being in my arms the entire time, feeding sitting up and resting sitting up, she spit up every bit of what I’d just given her via the bottle.

From that point, we switched to formula bottles. She’s had two of those today – a 2oz and a 4oz. After neither has she spit up anything beyond a tiny drool. We’ve wanted to expand the experiment into placing her in the crib, but she’s been so calm and quiet during her nap that we didn’t want to disturb her. Susan is going to feed her some breast milk from a bottle in about 20 minutes, so we’ll see how that affects her. It may be that Susan gets an easy ticket out of breastfeeding – Olivia may no longer be able to stomach it! Susan has, however, pretty much shut down the feeding directly from the breast after seeing Olive consume the bottles with such fervor and ease.

Beyond our spit up experimentation, our Sunday has been quiet. Saturday was pretty straightforward, with our friends Randy, Emily and Maley coming over for a visit. Its a pretty significant drive for them to come up, despite the fact we’re in the same Metro area, so it was really nice to see them. Randy was also interested in planting the “baby bug” with Emily. 🙂 They got us a few gifts – several soft books for Olivia to peruse, plus some stick-on window shades. I think these might work a little better during all of this cold weather… I tried to use our pull-down shade last week, but I couldn’t get it to stick to the freezing cold car window!

Seeing them, combined with our visitors on Friday (details below), helped remind us that having adult interaction with people outside of the two of us is really, really nice. We’ll be getting out a little more really soon. (more below on that, too)

On Friday, Dru and Julia dropped by, bringing food goodies – fudge brownies and vegetable lasagna. Once typed out, it seems like a really funny combination, but its served us quite well. The brownies are dwindling as we snack on them throughout the day, providing us with the energy to keep moving. The lasagna, crammed full of fantastically healthy vegetables has made two amazing meals for us. This is the type of meal we should be eating, with its health motif, but we’re just not that good.

The girls were extremely excited to see Olivia, since it’d been almost two weeks since their last visit. It was nice to hear them reiterate their desire to babysit if we need someone. They also brought us a gift for the baby – a cute little two piece outfit that looks like a bear. The feet in the pants look like claws, and the hood on the top has ears! They thought ahead, too, and got the 3 month size so she can grow into it. They also got her a soft and squeaky lamb!

As far as more adult interaction goes, Susan already has plans to go out with her friend Julie for lunch later in the week. Additionally, we’ll likely be sneaking over to see Mark, Laurie and Shaw sometime mid-week, depending on my schedule with work.

Speaking of work, I’ll be headed back into the office on Wednesday morning. Susan isn’t too excited about changing the status quo, but its likely just the fear of the unknown, not anything real. Training classes start back up tomorrow night, too, so we’ll be seeing how that works out. We’re not too sure how good Susan will feel after being alone with the baby during the work day and after work with me in training. I have at least this week of training, and I think next week too, but I’m not sure yet.

Also, my first hockey game of the year is tonight – starting at 11:10. Needless to say, Olivia won’t be attending this one. She may, however, make it to my game on the 19th because it starts at 7p on a Saturday night! If anybody is in the market for a night to see me play, that would be the perfect one, thanks to the unusually early start time and the fact that it is on a Saturday night. I know for sure that my mom will be making the drive up to see it…

Oh yeah – we also gave Olivia a bath in the tub for the first time on Saturday morning since she’d finally shed her umbilical cord on Friday evening. It had been just barely hanging on for a couple of days and when I went to change her that evening, I discovered it floating around in her onesie! She liked her tub bath a little less than she liked her sink bath. We made sure to bring the heat up in the house and close off the bathroom just so the air would be plenty warm for her.  The warm water didn’t even cover her torso, so that might have contributed to her not being her most comfortable, but it made this pair of new parents more comfortable!  We were also blessed not to have her use the bathroom while she was in the tub.


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