2 Week Checkup.

Today, we went in to see Dr. Robinson for Olivia’s 2 week checkup.  She now weighs 9 lbs 2 oz and is 22″ tall.  That’s not quite up to her birth weight so we’ll be checking back in next Thursday to see how she’s progressing.  Nonetheless, the doc thinks she’s doing well, hale, and hearty.  And how is Mom?  Well.  The words post-partum depression were mentioned by Dr. Robinson.  I don’t think I’m as bad as, say, Brooke Shields was (Tom Cruise – you are a big ol’ jerk), but I could be better.  We’re all hoping that if I can get and keep a decent stretch of sleep under my belt, things will improve.

So on that note, I’m on doctor’s orders to get 5 continuous hours of sleep tonight.  That means a pumping session or formula feed.  In spite of the fact that after I get out of a warm shower I can nail the mirror with milk from across the bathroom, the pump barely squeezed out an ounce when I tried this morning.  It’s looking like a formula feed, which the office was kind enough to supply us with generous samples to try.  The good doc also gave me a nipple shield for the day feedings as I was working up a cracked base on the left side.  My poor boobs.

Let me just say, much love to the nipple shield.  That’s the first time I’ve nursed Olivia without pain.  The only problem may be in that she might be having more difficulty getting access to the milk.  It’s something that I’m going to have to keep an eye on.   If she is getting the milk fairly easily that way, I may make it to 6 months and still be breastfeeding.  And sane.  And not bleeding.  A girl can dream, no?


3 responses to “2 Week Checkup.

  • aliasmother

    I also was having trouble getting enough milk from pumping until I read that it helps to pump on breast while nursing the baby on the other. It is completely awkward and you feel like a big dork, but it is effective. It helps with the letdown process. I went from getting one ounce pumped to around 4 ounces.

    And, yes, sleep will help. Eat well, rest as well as you can, and know that I’m thinking of you.

  • Andy

    I know this is going to seem mightly strange coming from a guy, but, our Pediatrician suggested a small glass of red wine in the evening to help the letdown process and your body relax to help with the process, Laurie tends to get 2-3ounces after each feed (unless of course the hungry guy eats everything first)

  • Richell

    I love the 2 week old pictures. She is so pretty!

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