Smiles, Laughter, and love

So Olivia has been passing out smiles lately – I think Richell may have been the first recipient sometime last week.  Since then, she’s popped a few here and there.  They are wide, toothless smiles that consume her tiny little face.  This morning, when I first spoke to her, she plastered one across her face, starting our day off nicely.

She has also squeezed out a few chuckles lately, too.  These little fits of early laughter seem to be around her going to sleep or waking up.  They are quite endearing, despite her poltergeist eyes that are associated with her near-sleep status.  (She tends to go into REM sleep with her eyes wide open… seeing the iris move toward the back of the head is creepy.)  Susan mentioned she heard one yesterday, and I heard one this morning. The laughter is not connected to anything in particular, that we can tell, so its just a reflex or something, I guess.

As for the love part – I love looking at my daughter’s little face.  Holding her in my arms, comforting her or watching her visually explore, I am simply amazed at how wonderful she is.  She’s an adorable little girl and I can’t wait to see her personality grow along with her physical size.

Things are cold here, and I think we’ll be letting her sleep in the nursery tonight, instead of with me somewhere downstairs as we’ve been doing.  We’ll likely make tonight the first night that we’ve not had one of us actually sleeping in the same room as her.  Susan has been slowly acclimatizing herself to sleeping in a bed again and seems to be doing pretty well.  Olivia has been amazingly wonderful to us lately and is sleeping several hour stretches during the night, in addition to needing very little comforting to get to sleep, unlike late in the first week/early in the second week.

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