I cannot believe how many diapers we’ve changed… and just how gross they can get without making me overtly sick.

I won’t bother going into the details but, I will take a moment to warn my brother-in-law – you’ll have to get over the aversion to poo if you plan to help your wife at all. I’ve seen only a tiny fraction of wet-only diapers…

All-in-all, we’re doing pretty well around here. The latest feed/sleep scheme between Susan and I is working fairly well. I think I got enough sleep last night to cover me for a full day in the office. We’ll be talking with the doctor on Thursday about what to expect going forward and how we can make this period a little more survivable.

I’m not sure if we’ll be up for the ball drop in any American time zone… but if Olivia wants to see it, she’ll make sure we know! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone – thanks for all your love and support.


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