Little girls vs. little boys

I’d heard plenty of the story of little boys spraying down their parents and/or other diaper changing agent.  I knew that with us having a little girl, I’d be avoiding the problem of liquid geysers.

Or I thought I knew I would.

No – she didn’t pee up my sleeve.  She pooped across the changing table.

Don’t click if you don’t want details…

Richell and I had gone up for a routine diaper change and shortly after I pulled Olivia’s diaper off, she decided she hadn’t quite finished.  Thanks to the great training we’ve gotten, the old diaper was in place below her to catch it.  Unfortunately, that didn’t finish it for her.  Instead, she shot her next salvo well off the diaper, across her clothes and onto the changing pad cover.

Ahhh… learning to be a parent.


5 responses to “Little girls vs. little boys

  • Joyce Stanley

    I can see you are having a good time with Miss Olivia. I hope you had a great Christmas. May the Lord continue to bless your New Year!

    Love Joyce Stanley

  • Tom

    We had that happen! It actually made it to the wall! And on the table, and her baby carrier… and everything in the 3-foot line of sight from her to the wall… the good news is that the spray potential goes away as the #2s get more solid… the bad news is that the #2s get more solid…

  • Laurie

    We had that happen once with Shaw. And we’ve had the unexpected spray from our little boy though not as often as I had imagined. I’m sure we ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • Elynka

    Of course Kaelan sprayed us. He got Chris three times in one day. He was still learning, Chris that is. Mackenzie actually got us a few times too. She would start peeing as soon as you took off her diaper, and as she was peeing she would tighten the muscles in her legs; instant geyser. I totally didn’t expect that with a girl!

  • Jen

    Haha! Peyton has done that quite a few times. And it actually took me a couple months to figure out to leave the diaper there, so good job on that.
    I have discovered that lifting his feet up to his chest will promote any further poopage. I learned this by having my hand pooped on a couple times when I went in to wipe. So now I just do a few tests to make sure everything is cleared out before taking his diaper off.

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