Faux Hawk

We gave Ms. Olivia her first bath at home today. We all did fairly well with it, but it did give her a good chance to show off her lungs.


4 responses to “Faux Hawk

  • Sandy

    Probably because she was freezing!! There are times when you might have to splurge on a little heat. (I might have mentioned it before.) I’m sure Olivia will let you know when those times are! You go, girl!!

  • Ian

    We turned up the heat! She just did not enjoy the process of bathing one little bit. It’s funny because she will likely love baths in a few short months.

  • Sandy

    Maybe that’s it – she wanted to swim and all she got was a wet washcloth 😛

  • Craigge

    Could be that she just likes her privacy and isn’t used to a couple of large people with wet cloths in HER bathroom. Then again, you could both be right.:P

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